Balea Eye Make-up Remover Waterproof (oily)

Hi beauty fans, ^^

Today I imagine Imagine a product of Balea.
It is the Balea Eye Make-up Remover Waterproof (oily)

heute stell ich euch ein Produkt von Balea vor.
Es handelt sich um das Balea Augen Make-up Entferner Waterproof (ölhaltig)

Manufacturers promise:
". Balea eye makeup remover gently removes every day, this waterproof eye makeup and even long-lasting lipstick Pro Vitamin B5 moisturizes intensively and maintains the suppleness of the sensitive eye area -. A pleasantly fresh, clean skin"

"Balea Augen Make-up Entferner entfernt jeden Tag schonend Ihr wasserfestes Augen Make-up und selbst lang anhaltenden Lippenstift. Pro Vitamin B5 spendet intensiv Feuchtigkeit und bewahrt die Geschmeidigkeit der sensiblen Augenpartie - für eine angenehm frische, gepflegte Haut."

Clear with two labels.
Contains 100 ml

Durchsichtig mit zwei Etiketten.
ca. 1-2€
Enthält 100ml

My experience:
I love this product. I often use waterproof mascara, which is why I have chosen this remover from. It cleans quickly and thoroughly. It does not sting the eyes and nourishes the lashes.

Meine Erfahrung:
Ich liebe dieses Produkt. Ich benutze oft Wasserfeste Mascara, weshalb ich diesen Entferner aus gewählt habe. Es reinigt schnell und gründlich. Es brennt nicht in den Augen und pflegt die Wimpern.

I can only recommend you to contact us for the price this is great.
So if its a cheap Eye Make Up Remover examines the water-resistant Produckte away, which is great.

Ich kann es euch nur empfelen, und für diesen Preis ist das super.
Also wenn ihr einen günstigen Augen Make Up Entferner sucht der Wasserfeste Produckte entfernt, ist das super. 

                                                                                                  Sümi <3



Review: Primark P.S. Love Blush

Hello my sweet,

2 weeks ago I was at Primark and I went there once for cosmetics department. And there I found only

2.50 € for this beautiful Blash.
They had other colors, but I decided for this.
I had two weeks now uses this Blash, and can tell you something about it now.

Vor 2 Wochen war ich bei Primark und ich ging dort einmal für Kosmetikabteilung. Und es gibt nur fand ich

2.50 € für diese schöne Blash.
Sie hatten andere Farben, aber ich entschied mich dafür.
Ich hatte 2 Wochen verwendet nun dieses Blash, und können Sie etwas über es jetzt sagen.

Well then let's start time. ^ ^

                           I'm sorry about this kaputtenen corner, I found it accidentally on the floor.

The packaging of Blash is in a compact Golden Boy. On the cover is PS Love and schrieft in a beautiful black.
If you are in Opens one sees this beautiful Blash and a mirror.

Die Verpackung vom Blash ist in einer Goldenen kompakt Boy. Auf dem deckel steht P.S Love und ist in einer schönen schwarzen schrieft.
Wenn man in Öffnet dann sieht man diesen schönen Blash und einen Spiegel.

The Blash has a pink color with a violet undertone. The texture of Blash is very soft, and slightly powdery.
In this produckt sure you watch that one does not take too much of it, because it is quite a strong color.

Der Blash hat eine Rosa Farbe mit einem Violetten Unterton. Die Textur des Blash ist sehr weich, und ein wenig pudrig.
Bei diesem Produckt muss man wirklich aufpassen das man nicht zu viel davon nimmt, da es ein recht starke Farbe ist.

I can recommend you this Blash in any case, and for 2.50you can say nothing.

Ich kann euch diesen Blash auf jeden fall empfehlen, und für 2,50 kann man auch nichts dazu sagen. 

                                                                                                                         Sümi <3


3 Valentine's Day Outfit Ideas

Hello my dears,
Today I have for you a few outfits ideas for Valentine's Day.
I hope you enjoy it, and have fun doing.  =) 

1. Outfit
 A beautiful Flowery dress so you look sweet, with great shoes and a pretty bracelet.

Dress by Zalando - click here
Shoes by Zalando - click here
Bracelet from Zalando - click here

For a Date in the cafe or even in the cinema, her looks with this outfit richtieg good.

Blouse by Esprit - click here
Pants by Esprit - click here
Handbag by Zalando -click here
Ballerinas by Zalando - click here
Bracelet by Zalando - click here

 For a nice romantic evening, but nothing is more beautiful than the little black. =)

                                                          Dress by Zalando - click here
Handbag from Zalando - click here
Shoes by Zalando - click here
Necklace by Zalando -click here
Bracelet from Zalando - click here

That's with my 3 outfits ideas for Valentine's Day
I hope you liked it and until next time.
                                                                                                                     <3  Sümi


[Flop Product Review] essence Lipstick Farbe: 02 Sparkling Romance

Hello my sweet welcome back, ^ ^

Today I have a little review about the essence Lipstick in the color 02 Sparkling Romance.
I said much in advance, I think that the lipstick looks like a children's make and also behaves.

Let's get started: 
The color of the plastic packaging is different for each lipstick. Mine is lilac / mauve. In the middle is a transparent ring with the essence lettering. Included are 4 grams and the price would be around 1.99 euros.

He has a pleasant creamy consistency that is not too creamy and not too tight. In addition, the "Sparkling Romance" is easily distributed. But now we come to the color of the lipstick contains far too many for me glitter particles, which greatly disturbs me when applied as sometimes here and there is too much glitter. The color is pink / purple and silver sparkles.

The opacity is not so great. You have to apply it several times so that you can see at least a little color and not just glitter. The external color does not match definitely the external color after application. It contains my opinion not care properties. The adhesive strength can imagine so. If you repeatedly applying it so that a little color on the lips, then he does not even hold one hour. You see after half an hour only silver glitter on the lips.

For me personally, the children's make with poor color output and too much glitter. In addition, the tip of the lipstick sticks out when you open the lid, there have to be careful that you do not reinpanscht with the lid!
I will not buy me.

We'll see you next time                                                                    <3 Sümi 


[Review] essence I Love Stage Eyeshadow Base

Hello everyone,

Today I'll write a review in English.  =) 

Let's start at

Today I want to introduce you closer to the essence of Eyeshadow Base. Many of you certainly know and they will also already have in use. I switched to this base, because I was not particularly happy with the Catrice and therefore this base but different from that of Catrice I wanted to try it.

For packaging this time there is not much to say. The base is in a clear plastic vial with black cap. I think the packing is not very appealing, but to realize that it is not happiness.

The cap is a sponge, as we know him from lip gloss applied. By this allows the base to smoothly apply to the eyelid. Thus we have already arrived in the application. I always give a few small swab on the eyelids and the work Eyeshadow Base with a slight knock. The base can be incorporated very well and does not stain. The consistency and color of a liquid is equal Foundation.

The eye shadow can be applied as usual and the durability is thus significantly extended and for me he slips thus also not in the crease. So a really great product for a small price of 2.65 .
Conclusion: So I can say for this product undoubtedly a buy recommendation. The eye shadow holds great and stays where you have applied it and for a long time. These Eyeshadow Base has clearly outstripped Catrice and I do not want to miss.

                                                                                                                       <3 Sümi