[Flop Product Review] essence Lipstick Farbe: 02 Sparkling Romance

Hello my sweet welcome back, ^ ^

Today I have a little review about the essence Lipstick in the color 02 Sparkling Romance.
I said much in advance, I think that the lipstick looks like a children's make and also behaves.

Let's get started: 
The color of the plastic packaging is different for each lipstick. Mine is lilac / mauve. In the middle is a transparent ring with the essence lettering. Included are 4 grams and the price would be around 1.99 euros.

He has a pleasant creamy consistency that is not too creamy and not too tight. In addition, the "Sparkling Romance" is easily distributed. But now we come to the color of the lipstick contains far too many for me glitter particles, which greatly disturbs me when applied as sometimes here and there is too much glitter. The color is pink / purple and silver sparkles.

The opacity is not so great. You have to apply it several times so that you can see at least a little color and not just glitter. The external color does not match definitely the external color after application. It contains my opinion not care properties. The adhesive strength can imagine so. If you repeatedly applying it so that a little color on the lips, then he does not even hold one hour. You see after half an hour only silver glitter on the lips.

For me personally, the children's make with poor color output and too much glitter. In addition, the tip of the lipstick sticks out when you open the lid, there have to be careful that you do not reinpanscht with the lid!
I will not buy me.

We'll see you next time                                                                    <3 Sümi 

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