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Today I'll write a review in English.  =) 

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Today I want to introduce you closer to the essence of Eyeshadow Base. Many of you certainly know and they will also already have in use. I switched to this base, because I was not particularly happy with the Catrice and therefore this base but different from that of Catrice I wanted to try it.

For packaging this time there is not much to say. The base is in a clear plastic vial with black cap. I think the packing is not very appealing, but to realize that it is not happiness.

The cap is a sponge, as we know him from lip gloss applied. By this allows the base to smoothly apply to the eyelid. Thus we have already arrived in the application. I always give a few small swab on the eyelids and the work Eyeshadow Base with a slight knock. The base can be incorporated very well and does not stain. The consistency and color of a liquid is equal Foundation.

The eye shadow can be applied as usual and the durability is thus significantly extended and for me he slips thus also not in the crease. So a really great product for a small price of 2.65 .
Conclusion: So I can say for this product undoubtedly a buy recommendation. The eye shadow holds great and stays where you have applied it and for a long time. These Eyeshadow Base has clearly outstripped Catrice and I do not want to miss.

                                                                                                                       <3 Sümi

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