Ebelin - Nail Polish Remover Express Acetone Free

Hello My Dears!

No time, the nail polish must be easily painted since?
I'll buy me a long time to nail polish remover of Ebelin, and I wanted show you how I quickly remove my nail polish. 
Here we go!

Manufacturers promise:
"Quick, convenient and easy to use. With integrated sponge therefore be applied without cotton pad. High quality recipe, tested by Kosmetikerrinen and nail salons. Gentle on nails and skin. With valuable rice germ oil and pleasant fragrance. Also removes color and effect coatings. "

The price for this polish remover is less than 2 .
The packaging is purple and round, on the back is even a small picture on how to use it.

 When you open the socket then you see a black sponge in the middle there is a hole you put a finger inside.

In this picture you can see my nails painted.

One by one dip your fingers into the sponge and just rotate. Nail polish without shimmer, glitter or the like is removed quickly with just a few turns. Nail polish with shimmer and glitter remains stubborn, but can still Multi-turn completely remove.

What bothers me and the sponge has unfortunately damaged, the glitter particles and the like are ... The particles collect at the bottom and remain partially also the sponge stick, so I next time de-painting, the remains of front with fingers and also stick under the nails.

Pros and Cons:  
The box is cheap and perfect when time is of essence. Normal nail polishes are easily removed, but I can also Ebelin nail polish remover in the rose-pink bottle without acetone - in blue bottle or with acetone - recommended! Cotton pads are not actually required and glitter paint can be removed partially faster. However, the particles accumulate in the can and the sponge is damaged and lint.

I love this nail polish remover for that price pretty good, even if it gets glitter nail polish from very difficult, but for normal paints are great.
I can recommend to you.

                                                                                                  Sümi <3 



  1. I LOVE these types of polish removers! They are so quick and easy to use :)

    I followed back, chica! I have a feeling I"m going to love your blog!


  2. This is really cool...

  3. Oooo interesting remover~
    Really good review ^^
    and followed you back lovely :')

  4. I love nail polish removers like that, they just make everything so easy! You nails look gorgeous :)
    Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog, I am following you, hope you'll come back and do the same! Keep in touch xx


    1. Thank you so much
      yes of course I got you immediately Subscribed =)

  5. Hello ^^ Thank you for visiting my blog lovely~

    I've never had french tip nails... Your fingers are pretty ^^

    We don't have this brand here in Sydney Australia!

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  6. Hello! You have such pretty nails! How do you take care of it? I'd love to know
    Thank you for visiting me ^^, I'm following you now!

    1. thank you so much.
      I'll see if I'm doing a little blog post about my Nagelpflge routine. =)
      Then you'll see how I do my nails. =)