[Preview] Alverde - "Fabulous Fifties" LE

Hi pretty,

Today I have another Limited Edition for you by Alverde. Now you ask yourself determines what is Alverde? Alverde is a German cosmetics brand, this brand steal her natural cosmetics. Now you know what is Alverde. I hope it gfällt you, and a lot of fun there.  =)

Today I'll show you the Fabulous Fifties LE of Alverde.
The LE will be available in stores from 26 March to 22 April.

The Products:

Lipstick: (4.5 g for € 2.95):
Expressive colors for a seductive pout in the rockabilly look. With jojoba oil from certified organic cultivation and shorea. Apply the lipstick from the center outwards. Not vegan! Available colors Rockabella Red 10, Sugar Rose 20 Dominant Pink 30th

Eye brow gel: (4.5 g for € 2.35)
Expressive eyebrows - the WOW effect for eye make-up in the '50s look; the transparent reference 10 for cultivated and marketed in the form of eyebrows or the universal brown reference 20 for an extra emphasis on the brows - suitable for light and dark hair types. Recipe with vegetable keratin and organic avocado oil, with special brush for easy application. Not vegan! Available colors Transparent Brown Everybody's 10 and 20th

Eyeliner: (3.9 ml for € 3.25)
An expressive eyeliner is a must-have for every Fifties Beauty. The eyeliner in three different colors with jojoba oil from certified organic agriculture can be applied precisely thanks to its fine applicator. Prepare for the faithful Fifties look at the inner corner of the eye and let the eyeliner outward slightly wider and with a slight swing upward run. Vegan! Available colors Cameo Eyes 10 Tease Me 20 Grey and Black Retro 30th

Cleaning powder: (11 g for € 3.95)
The cleaning powder with poppy flower, mallow and valuable minerals frees the skin gently of makeup, dirt particles and excess sebum. Suitable for oily / greasy skin. Application: Apply a small amount of powder sprinkle in the hand and let lather with a little water. Then spread on the face and massage. Avoiding the eye area. Rinse with warm water. A clean skin is the best foundation for fifties beauty makeup. Vegan!

Baked Rouge: (13 g for € 3.95)
The baked marbled Rouges in two shades are an absolute eye-catcher and give a fresh and extravagant Fifties complexion. For discreet distribute the rouge on the cheekbones. Skin compatibility dermatologically approved. Not vegan! Available colors Dizzy Peach 10 and lollipop Pink 20th


Mono Eyeshadow: (2.2 g for 2.25 ):
A variety of eye shadow colors for confident 50s beauty. The colored accents in pink, gray and green eyes to be fabulous eye-catcher. The formula with chamomile flower extract from organic farming and bisabolol is gentle on the delicate skin around the eyes. Available colors Paint Me Pink 10 (not vegan), Grey Light Green Beauty 20 and 30 (both vegan).

2in1 Peeling Mask: (10 ml for € 1.95)
The 2in1 exfoliating mask in the Fifties design with sweet almond and poppy extract of organic cleanses and gently removes dead skin cells. The texture with natural fruit acids clears the skin and leaves a velvety soft feeling. Application: The product with a circular motion gently massage into the skin. Mouth and eye contour area generously. After massaging leave for 5-10 minutes and then rinse with warm water. Suitable for all skin types. For 1-2 applications. Vegan!

Mascara False Lashes: (11 ml for € 3.95)
With valuable minerals and innovatively shaped brush for a spectacular false lash effect. Eye and Contact Lens Compatibility ophthalmologist confirmed. Not vegan!

That's it with the products, I'll see if I'm interested what you do and of course a little blog post.

I hope you liked it and see you next time.

                                                                           Sümi <3


  1. the blushes look so gorgeous! great article :)


  2. The packaging is adorable! ^__^


  3. Amazing! You write so interesting posts and make very beautiful photos! Like your blog! Keep doing it!

    Diana Cloudlet