[Preview] Catrice "Nomadic Traces" LE

Hello my sweet,
Today I have again a new preview for you. It's about the LE "Nomadic Traces" by Catrice.

Ethnic and exotic. Wanderlust attracts new territory. Invites you on a journey into the desert and reveals the infinite beauty of the Orient. The upcoming Ethno Couture is summery, sensual and luxurious. A modern mix of patterns and fiery colors. The start of the active interpreted nomadic Looks provided the Spring / Summer runway shows, where designers oriental-style designs presented with a new transmission.
With the Limited Edition "Nomadic Traces" by CATRICE the exciting fashion trend is brought into the beauty world in May 2015. Bright red and electrifying blue with calm gray-brown, warm gold, delicate Nude and fresh apricot. Must-haves are the Powder Eye Shadow Matte Bronzer and with extraordinary relief embossing and the Tattoo Pen, who is the "Infinity" icon on the skin. The pattern of infinity - by CATRICE.

The Products: 

Nomadic Traces by CATRICE - Powder Eye Shadow
Ray of Light. The soft powder eyeshadow with satin finish comes in two variants luxurious, dark brown and savannah, each with impressive Gold Splash. In combination with the elaborate relief embossing the ensemble reminiscent of the rising sun in the Sahara. Available in C01 and C02 hiking Luxe Savanna's gold. To € 3.49.

Nomadic Traces by CATRICE - Long Lasting Eyeliner Pen
Luxury liner. With the long-lasting eyeliner Geleyelinern and ornamental patterns succeed accurate and easy. The pen decorated with a modern interpretation ornament in metallic gold, enriched the collection in two colors, Electric Blue and Black Nearly. Available in C01 and C02 Leap In The Dark Trip Into The Blue. To € 2.99.

Matte Bronzer - Nomadic Traces by CATRICE
Hot Desert. A quick summer tan bronzer provides the mat. Its matte powder texture is ideal for contouring the face. Special eye-catcher is the striking characteristics. The radiating relief resembles the incident sunlight and awakens the appetite for new adventure travel. Available in C01 Brave bronze. At around 4.99 .

Nomadic Traces by CATRICE - Matte Lip Colour
Sunset. The bright shades of Lip Colours Matt put statements. Here are two modern reds are offered with a matte texture directly, not to exceed sensuality. Especially handy: Both variants come as Chubby Pen in the edition. Absolutely opaque and irresistible! available in
C01 and C02 Nomaddicted To Red Urban Red. To € 3.49.


Nomadic Traces by CATRICE - Nail Lacquer
Orient Impress. Four colors with ultimate ultimate opacity. Electric Blue and red points with matte finish, while warm golden-brown and fresh Peach convince with ultimate shine. The packaging is reminiscent of Arabian Nights and relies on modern interpretations Orient pattern. Four colors of the
Summer beautify! Available in C01 hiking Luxe, C02 Boundless Peach, C03 Nomaddicted To Red, C04 Trip Into The Blue. 2.79 .

Nomadic Traces by CATRICE - Tattoo Pen
Infinity. Eternity for one night. With the Tattoo Pen can be quickly and easily set an example. The practical applicator stamps the infinity symbol in black and very easy on the previously cleaned and dry skin and can be used with a conventional make-up remover easily removed. Available in C01 Road To Infinity. To € 2.99.

The wars with the New Le Catrice, I hope it has given you ineressier.

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