[Preview] "Doll´s Collection" LE from Catrice

Hello my sweet.
There are new LE-News Catrice. There will be a new LE called "Doll's Collection" by Catrice from March to May 2015. I would like to introduce you to this LE closer.

The products of this LE are available from mid-March to mid-May.

"Fashion Doll meets Sixties. Jetset glamor, black and white contrasts and the effects of optical art. The journey leads to the 60s back to Twiggy, the icon of all top models. With her doll eyes, the wide eyeliner and the highly inked eyelashes was it the model for a whole generation Until now inspired her distinctive look of designer. a-shaped mini dresses, loop applications and graphical patterns can be spring / summer collections 2015. with the Limited Edition "Doll's Collection" by CATRICE is the hip sixties flavor celebrated from mid-March to mid-May 2015. the collection stands with must-have products for an expressive eye make-up, such as the Matt dip eyeliner, glamor Doll mascara and the Doll Lashes. mat textures and delicate pastels, including lavender, tender green or apricot, create a doll-like appearance with a new freshness the Sixties are swinging back -.. by CATRICE "

The Products:  

Collection by CATRICE - Satin Matte Eyeshadow
The Look. The soft powder eyeshadow with satin-matte finish confident in three limited colors with maximum opacity: lavender, cream white and pastel green. The pleasantly soft texture provides a velvety feeling and the unique Op Art Packaging is a real eye-catcher. Available in C01 Playing in Lavender Heaven, C02 Hide & Green, Be My C03 Porcelain Doll !. 3.79 .
Collection by CATRICE - Matt Dip Eyeliner
Twiggy's Eyes. The extra wide eyeliner, called Sixties Wing, is a must-have for perfect Doll Eyes. With the long-lasting matte Dip Eyeliner the large curved arc is particularly fast and simply pulled over the upper lash line. The result is precise and confident with matte finish. Available in C01 Black. To € 2.99.

Collection by CATRICE - Glamour Doll Mascara
Meet the icon. Now the popular Glamour Doll mascara comes in a limited edition look. The special elastomer brush wraps each lash with black texture without weighing them. This creates lots of extra volume and eyelashes convince with fascinating length and density. Sixties Tip: For large doll eyes must deceive the upper and lower lashes! Available in C01 Black. To € 3,99 *.
Doll's Collection by CATRICE - Doll Lashes
Big is back. False eyelashes are part of the Twiggy look to it. The Doll Lashes CATRICE provides artificial eyelashes bands for the upper and lower lash line. The result is an expressive eye make-up with wow factor. The set comes including a mini-adhesive. To € 4.49 *.

Doll's Collection by CATRICE - Ball Blush
Bubble Ball. This curved cream blush is dabbed directly on the cheeks and developed in contact with skin a powdery matte finish. The light texture leaves a softes feeling on the skin and the fresh apricot tone makes for a radiant complexion. Available in C01 Droll like a doll. To € 3,99 *.
Collection by CATRICE - Nail Lacquer
Swinging Sixties Nails. Lavender, peach, pastel green and white with apricot-colored sparkles - this spring-like colors range brings lightness in the retro look. Ultimate colors, ultimate coverage and ultimate shine make the Nail Lacquers about popular must-haves, the effects of which vary from plain to glitter. Not to be overlooked: the packaging with striking Op Art pattern. Available in C01 Droll like a doll, C02 Playing in Lavender Heaven, C03 and C04 Hide & Green Be My Porcelain Doll !. 2.79 *.

Doll's Collection by CATRICE - Cuticle tattoos
Sign Statement. The Cuticle tattoos, small and large loops are mounted underneath the nail bed on the knuckles and give the nail a stylish setting. First, the area of skin where the tattoo to be placed Cuticle rid of makeup residues and excess Haufett, select tattoo size, cut and remove the white backing paper. Then press the tattoo with the design down for five seconds to dry skin. Finally, remove the transparent film and finish the design. With baby oil can easily be removed again. A romantic token of love to this beautiful era. Available in C01 Catch me if you're Ken. 2.29 *.
My Opinion:
I find this LE really cute and I like this "doll-like" style. I particularly like the eyeshadow. I'm going to get the LE closer look at the store reputation.
That's it for today, I hope you liked it, and until next time.

                                                                                                Sümi <3


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