[Preview] P2 "Culture & Sprit" LE

Hello everyone, =)
I rise today with a new limited edition of P2 she calls herself Culture & Sprit.

Let's get started:  ^^

"BEAUTY GOES GLOBAL: India, South America and Morocco - where darf's go?
With the new make-up highlights of p2's close to the whole world at your feet! Inspired by different cultures, customs and traditions around the globe combines the colorful, glamorous Ethno the hottest beauty Spirits from around the world and creates extravagant "multicultural Looks" - more conspicuous, the better! It is exactly this versatility that makes the special "Culture & Spirit-Style" is. "

blend of beauty blush
How to seduce a Maharajah? Best with an intensely bright and fresh look: The marbled, baked Rouge as a shining glimmer laying on the cheekbones. The delicate texture can thereby apply very light and blind. Available in 2 shades.

The product is vegan.
10 g cost € 3.95

neo-ethnic gold highlighter
Pure Sunset feeling like on the beach in Goa: The gold shimmering, delicate cream texture visually conjure a luxurious glow effect. For great highlights on body, face and décolleté.

The product is vegan.
4.5 g costs € 3.75

exotic chick khol kajal
For the deep, mysterious look of an Indian Princess: The conical Kajal in three exotic colors can be very lightweight and easy to apply thanks to its special shape. The velvety texture also provides a special emphasis on the eyes.

The color 020 is not vegan. All other colors are vegan.
2.5 g costs € 2.95

color clash eyeshadow wet + dry ...
Delhi Delights ... The marbled, baked eye shadow in four exotic shades provide a versatile and expressive eye make-up. For a more intense color result simply apply a drop of water "wet".

The color 030 is not vegan. All other colors are vegan.
3 g costs € 2.95

oriental melange lipstick
The creamy and gentle, good coverage lipstick in 4 bright colors and with great exotic swirl effect can be sharp contours and easy to apply - no glueing!

The color 010 is not vegan. All other colors are vegan.
4 g costs € 3.65

Native deluxe nail polish
The long-lasting, quick-drying nail polish gives intense color and a high gloss finish. Available in 4 shades.

The product is vegan.
8 ml costs € 2.25

fineline nail polish
With the extra-thin professional brush a unique and extravagant nail styling can easily and accurately create. Available in 2 shades.

Both shades are vegan.
3 ml costs € 1.95

burningdesire body necklace
Gently bronzed skin is now even more precious: The trendy body chain in gold look gives any beach or party outfit recent "Touch of Glamour" and is a real eye-catcher.
1Stück costs € 4.95

ornamental wood bangle
The trendy wood bangle is the perfect style to hip-Piece ethno look: Exotic Seidentuniken, oriental sarees, fancy kaftans ... Just dress up!
1Stück costs € 3.95

bold kitsch nail foil 
The self-adhesive, long-lasting nail foil in oriental design is particularly easy to apply and finished each nail look. For perfectly styled professional nails - no drying time!

1 piece (20 films) costs € 2.95

The wars with the small LE of P2.
how do you like the Produckte?


                                                                    Sümi <3


  1. Die Farben sind der Hammer, oder? So so schön!

    LG aus der EDELFABRIK

    1. finde ich auch =) und der style 2 verschiedene farben in einander =) super =)

  2. Wonderful collection:) kiss


  3. nice sets
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  4. Oh, I want the whole collection! It's amazing! No joke, I squealed when I saw those liners.

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  6. WoW, ive never heard of this brand before, its absolutely beautiful!
    Loving the colors.


    1. thank you, yes that is a German brand ^^

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