Rival de Loop Young - Baked Eyeshadow - 04 latte macchiato

hello everyone, 
Today I'll show you a baked eyeshadow I like so much. I got it now repeatedly tried and am happy with it.    =)

Rival de Loop Young Baked Eyeshadow
04 latte macchiato 
3g for 1,99 €

The lid is still transparent with silver writing and also the feel of the rest of eyeshadow packaging has remained the same. This I have already described here in detail. 
The lid closes fixed, but seems to be fragile, since I already had a crack on the side of the lid, which is also easy to see on the top picture. He is on the left and above the point where the base and cover are connected.

Latte Macchiato is a two-color eye shadow with a beautiful marbling.
Each eyeshadow is an individual and in some of the swirl is stronger pronounced in other weaker. I have picked out myself one in which of the two colors is approximately the same proportion is present.

In a nutshell, I am thrilled with this eyeshadow. I would buy it again and again for me.

I hope you liked it and see you next time. And a nice day i wish you.  =)   <3

                                                                    Sümi <3 


  1. Den Grundton finde ich ganz ganz schön nur der Schimmer ist mir ne Spur zu intensiv :)
    LG aus der EDELFABRIK

    1. ja das stimmt, aber ich perönlich benutze es fürs innere augenwinckel aks highlighter =) das sieht immer so schön aus =)

  2. I like the marbling design! ^^
    And the colour turned out really pretty! I really does remind me of coffee :)

    1. yes true, I use it for inner eye angle as a highlighter =)

  3. It looks so pretty! I love the swatch, just enough shimmer to make the color stand out ^_^

    I haven't ever found a baked shadow that I liked, though this looks like it's worth a try!

  4. Nice colour! Is it really shimmery?
    The name "latte macchiato" as well is such a great name for the nice coffee brown colour of the shadow!


  5. Oh very cute eyeshadow


  6. I really like that color! I'll have to save the name of it because I've been looking for a lighter neutral color.

  7. Lovely eye-shadow, Anyway, thanks for following me, i followed you back via GFC <3


  8. Nice color!!! I like your blog!!!
    would you like to follow each other? let me know...
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  9. Thanks for the review :) I love the colour :)