Spring 2015

Hello my sweet, ^_^

spring is around the corner, and today I'll show you a few pictures from our park.
I hope the little insight from the park like it.

Great fun  =)   <3 


The long building is the Saline salt water flows there and down there running older or younger people sick. It is said that the water is healthy. 

 Here in the city we have many vineyards, grapes are there together and made into wine.


 The parking lot down there is the largest with us. There, the famous sausage market is held fixed. With carousels and games booths and more.

 This little church is on a small mountain.

Here you see the Isenacht, which is a small river of vielst with us.

mini waterfall =D


we also have a small water wheel

I think the flowers very nice. ^^

A statue with two horses heads =)

I think this looks like a smiley 

I threw hope you liked it. =)
I wish you also a nice Rühling.   <3 

              Sümi <3


  1. Lovely pictures! The sun is so bright and I love seeing the flowers in bloom! I'm so happy spring is here! -Just followed you- :)

  2. Such beautiful photography!! ;)


  3. Da war ich früher total oft mit meinen Eltern :D!!! Das waeckt total die Kindheitserinnerungen :)
    Wollen wir uns vielleicht via GFC & bloglovin etc. folgen?

    GLG aus der EDELFABRIK

    1. Ja wirklich =)
      ja gerne wäre super =)

    2. Bleibe bei Dir auch via GFC dabei!
      Hab einen schönen Tag!! :)

      GLG Chrissie

  4. Hey! I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger Award.

    You can find it here: http://vanillant.blogspot.com/2015/04/the-versatile-blogger-awardee.html#comment-form

    Hope you join!

    It's amazing that you post pics of the place you traveled. I was fascinated by it. Continue blogging!

    With love, Vanillant

  5. Sehr interessanter Blogpost, hat mir persönlich sehr sehr gut gefallen. Besonders gut gefallen mir aber deine Bilder!♥

    Alles Liebe, Ceyda