Alverde Hair Oil - Review

Hi everybody,
Today I got a review on the hair oil of Alverde for you.
I hope you like it, and would say a lot of fun.  =)

My hair is curly in nature rather thick and the lower lengths. Years of smoothing are also strained and dry.
Since mehrreren months I use this hair oil, and can tell you how to find it now.
First, the facts:
Brand: alverde Naturkosmetik
Price: approximately 3, -
Place where: dm
Content: 50 ml
Shelf life: printed on the package each

The hair oil to provide intensive care and plentiful, and thus be ideally suited for brittle hair and dry scalp.
Packed it in a cardboard box in which it is the bottle with pump dispenser is located. Thus a hygienic removal is guaranteed.
The board consists of at least 80% recycled material, the ink is made from 80% renewable raw materials. In addition, the printing ink oil free and the packaging is recyclable.
The product itself is vegan and NATRUE-certified. It has been omitted completely from synthetic fragrances, colors or preservatives, and ingredients based on mineral oils. The raw materials used are preferably derived from organic farming and the skin tolerance is dermatologically tested.

The manufacturer promises:
"- Composition with almond and argan oil from organic farming cares for dry and brittle hair.
- The recipe with organic burdock root extract and organic walnut oil strengthens the hair, making it supple and gives it a silky shine.
- Dry scalp is soothed and feels again pleasantly relaxed and fresh. "  

The bottle comes with a pump dispenser.

"Distribute After shampooing in slightly damp hair and on the scalp and massage in well.
Give in dry, brittle hair a few drops of hair oil on the fingertips and work the oil into individual strands of hair dry. "

I distribute the hair oil in the hair ends, because the tips are very dry with me.

After washing, damp hair and scalp distributed makes the oil quickly bemerkbar- The hair is very soft and look after drying also really good. The scalp feels refreshed. The dosage, however, one must be careful, because even when a small amount of oil you can feel that the hairs are a little "greasy", even if you do not consider them. Did they kneaded too much in the hair, attach quickly in greasy strands from his head. In wet hair I always distributed approximately 3-4 pumps of the oil.

This is the finished result 

After passing Try the different applications, I am very satisfied with this hair oil. I will definitely buy more and recommend it further!



  1. I'll sure give this product a try, let me know if you finished a bottle of it and make an update how did it change your hair please :D


  2. Great review!!!
    Have a good week!! my g+ for you!!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  3. great review, that looks like a really interesting product!

  4. Great review

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  5. It looks very useful for the hair. I prefer natural products for my hair like JBCO, avocado oil, SheaMoisture, etc. My hair feel better when I use it :)

  6. Great product:) kiss


  7. Hair oil is the best. I use coconut oil for my ends since they are so split that they are divorced.

    I love your curls and waves! My hair is so straight, I'm jealous.

  8. nice review! your hair is really pretty! ^^

    1. oh thank you, but I find your more beautiful =D

  9. I love your curly hair!!!
    your hair ls beautiful!! I'm envy you!!

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  10. Wow, great review! I've never tried hair oil before but this makes me really want to try it. And your hair is so pretty oh my gosh ;A; Thank you for sharing!
    ~Kiyomi from kokorosasa

  11. Nice review! I use hair oil really often now, because of my hair >o<
    I have to try more different to find the better!

    I'm new reader!
    Maybe we can follow each other?