Candy Cherry Award

Hello lovelies,
Love Dreamyya has nominated me for the Candy Cherry Award, thank you very much! =)

I would say now that we start now.  =D

1. Chocolate or vanilla? 

 I love chocolate. 
2.Your biggest weakness?
My greatest weakness is chocolate  
3.What is your greatest wish for the rest of the year?
That everything I do works well.
  4.What is an absolute dream job?

I really do not know what is my dream job.
5.What kind of music do you listen? 

I love Kpop music, I hear nothing else.

6.Dress, skirt or hot pants, when it's hot?

I like to put on shorts, but only up to the knee.  

7.What's the most embarrassing thing that's ever happened to you? 

I am once fell down the stairs. =D

8.How would you describe your friends with 3 words? 

They would say that I am nice and helpful, and always there for you.

9.What's your favorite book? 

My favorite books are manga and fantasy.

10.What color do you wear most like on the nails?     

I prefer to wear the nails pink purple or red tones.

So now to my nominees:

Of course, anyone can join the likes. =)



  1. Chocolate <3

  2. Nice tag!!! thanks for sharing and yessss! Chocolate is stronger that us haha

    Followed your blog via GFC, hope you follow back <3


  3. i love kpop too! which is your favorite kpop group? :D


  4. I love how you put a smiley face when stating you fell down the stairs haha I get embarrassed when I fall or trip too. I brought a date to a party once and I was trying to be cute while wearing platforms and I tripped on a step and fell in front of him :(((

    1. Oh dear, I hope you did not hurt you^^

  5. Super cute tag~! K-pop is awesome <33


  6. Congrats on getting nominated for this award!
    Super cute blog by the way :)

    xoxo Payton
    My Blog~

  7. I love chocolate too!!
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