Review: Catrice Allround Concealer

Hi everybody,   (^_^)
Today I got a review on the Allround Concealer Catrice for you.
I hope you have fun reading. =)

At the time I bought it at "dm" and which cost € 3.49.
What I find in order, because you get 6 g concealer and just very special. Because it is so convenient!

The optics I find simple but beautiful, the packaging is transparent, you can see at first glance what is in it and that 5 different concealer colors, more on that later. The lettering is black - that's for such packaging best I find, as you can read it well.

What color for what?
The first three "fields" are made of various beige tones. From light to dark. This used to be to correct skin imperfections. These colors can also mix well, but I'll take the brightest and the middle tone. The darkest I take off then and just once as a cream eye shadow.
The fourth tone is pink and is used to cover dark circles. This will be optimally neutralized. And can disappear in the end even the green concealer, skin redness (erythematous spots and broken capillaries). For, as we have learned time: Green Red swallows.

Consistency / application:
The texture of the concealer is very creamy and delicate. You can get in touch with your fingers it very easily. There is sufficient briefly to emphasize about it and then you have enough to dark circles etc. to conceal. I always use this finger to because you can handle it better and pat. So you can merge the Concealer beautiful and it lasts longer.

Effect / durability:
The concealer works really well. Small shadows under the eyes disappear immediately and the complexion is even. It can be the perfect concealer distribute and you see him no longer on the skin. So it should be. I find very interesting the green concealer. Because the magic redness really gone very well. And if you einklopft and spread slowly the green vanishes (which at the beginning is a bit frightening to the skin) and the redness fades easily. The concealer lasts all day. He did not begin to crumble or to buckle in the wrinkles. He stays where I apply it in the morning, even if you actually do not see it.

I would recommend it, but while he considers not so at least the beige tones - but otherwise he is top!

                                                                   Sümi <3>


  1. Interesting review:) kiss


  2. ok i didn't know there's more to concealers than just skin colors.
    Really interesting. And thanks for the review :D

  3. Interesting products and nice review ! ^^
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  4. Nice review!!! cute colors!!!
    Have a good week!!!:)))

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  5. That is a great piece to have in your makeup kit! So versatile.

    1. That's right! because you have everything you need =)

  6. This look like a nice palette but the only color that I believe I can use is the more lighter
    Thanks for your review


  7. Wow, I didn't know there were more colours to concealers besides the normal skin tone colours o.o Great review though :)

    1. with the green color you can cover redness and red color so that you can cover dark circles, and then there are the normal concealer colors. ^^

  8. This one looks lovely! I'm currently using concealer, also from Catrice but that one looks as a brush applicator (and with one colour only) :) xx Maja
    - http://majasmuffin.blogspot.com

  9. Great review dear, this palette has lovely colors. Great to bring out the eyes :)
    Thank you so much for stopping by! Have a fabulous week ahead<3


    "Health & Beauty"

  10. This looks really good!! ^^ i use green concealer on my pimples haha~

  11. Waa the colours are pretty interesting~ ^^
    Great for traveling! :D

  12. I live the color variety :D I don't often see greens with concealers. Great review!
    Celestial Love

  13. I like the look of this palette! Have never heard of the brand. Will have to do a google :)