Catrice "It Pieces" LE 2015

Hello everyone,
And again will give us a good insight into the new assortment autumn / winter Catrice the annual "It Pieces" Limited Edition. The "It Pieces" LE is will this time from mid July to early August 2015. commercially available and as always go after the products in the standard range on.

Autumn prelude. Inspired by the runway creations the favorites of the season will be announced now. Warm up bluish berry shades are among the key trends and assign clear cuts a lick of paint. The use of delicate and feminine Nudes Rosénuancen sets the tone and adds variety to wardrobe and makeup. Stylistic inconsistencies are en vogue and old classics experience a revival. So smooth and matt textures are skillfully combined with soft wool qualities. With the new Limited Edition "It Pieces" by CATRICE the beauty highlights are presented from mid-July to early August 2015. Among the must-haves include new Deluxe Trio eyeshadows with three baked shades, the Glossy Lip Glow, which reacts with the pH of the lips and gives them a rosy to pink look and the classic Ultimate Stay Lipsticks with pure color pigments and satin -mattem finish. The complexion can not do without the full-color multi Matt Blush and the Illuminating Highlighter Pen for subtle shimmer effects in this autumn / winter season. Color-matched points the nails in berry and Nudetönen. Season's Best - by CATRICE.


Deluxe Trio Eyeshadow
Premium Trio. Three coordinated colors provide an intense and long-lasting make-up look. The baked textures, which are slightly raised convince with a particularly high ink transfer. Two variants - Beige Sand Brown and rosé purple-mauve - are available. Available in 010 Antique C'est très chic and 030 rose Vintouch. To € 4.79 *.

Glossy Lip Glow
Individual Colour Reaction! After application, the transparent texture of the Glossy Lip Glow turns into a tender pink to hot pink. What's behind it? Depending on the pH of the lips, varies the color and creates an individual color result. The color intensity can be increased by re-application. Available in 010 Transparent. To € 3,99 *.

Ultimate Stay Lipstick
Strong and Sophisticated. Intense colors and a trendy satin-matte finish. The highly pigmented, long-lasting texture convinces with a high opacity without drying the delicate lip area. Now between three colors, delicate nude, feminine rosé and intense Berry, and select the Stick is a daily companion in her handbag. Available in 030 Wood You Love Me, 060 and 070 Plum Floral Coral & Base. To € 4,99 *.

Multi Matt Blush
Colour Quartet. Four matte, perfectly matched Rouge nuances united in a blush. The lightweight and particularly delicate powder texture can be ideally applied with a large brush Rouge and leaves a fresh look on the cheeks. For a personalized touch, the colors can be worn separately or mixed at will. The result: a fresh and naturally beautiful appearance. Available in 020-La Lavender. To € 3,99 *.

Illuminating Highlighter Pen
Beauty marker. The liquid highlighter with silvery-pink texture ensures a radiant complexion and silky-soft sheen on the skin. The Twist Pen with brush simplifies application: dab on cheekbones and brow and easily blinded. A true light artist. 3.5 ml to € 3,99 *.

Ultimate Nail Lacquer
Nudes & Berry's. Ultimate colors, ultimate opacity and ultimate durability. The formulation and the rounded profile of the professional brush have been improved and perfected create that result. A total of four shades to choose from: a delicate rose, a trendy nude tones and two intense berry shades. Available in 94 It's A Very Berry Bash, 95 For Some It's Plum, 97 Love Affair In Bel Air and 98 No Coffee Without Toffee. 10 ml, 2.79 € *.

How do you like the "It Pieces" LE? Are you looking forward to the new range?



  1. Love the shades of the nail lacquer so much!

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  2. I just love Catrice's products.


  3. Oh very cute colors of nail polish


  4. wow the collection looks nice!! The lip gloss sounds interesting~

  5. Really want to have all of them, especially lipstick and eyeshadow ♥

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