essence ,,Fun Fair" LE

Welcome back all together,
I have now again a LE for you us was of essence.
have lots of fun with it. =D

Excitement and fun - guaranteed at the fair! With the new trend edition "fun fair" makes essence from mid-July to mid-August 2015 fantastic tour over the fairground. The smell of cotton candy, popcorn and candied apples is in the air and exciting attractions provide a lively atmosphere and cheerful visitors. The color scheme consists of pastel shades such as vanilla, apricot, rose, mint and lavender and pink as a contrast. Highlights are the four satin matte nail polishes in candy colors with four different candy flavors and the two cotton candy nails for a cool cotton candy effect on the nails. Another must-have is the stretchy hair ties nicely arranged in Lolli design.

Baked Eyeshadow 2,79 Euro
Fairly FUNtastic ... The three different eye shadows in vanilla rosé, mint and lavender with baked, soft powdery texture and great marbling give the eyes beautiful color highlights. The paint is applied wet intensified. Available in 01 you're mint-blowing, 02 be my marsh fellow! and 03 plump it up !.

lipstick 2,29 Euro
Summer lips! Bright pink or fresh Apricot give the lips summer accents. The semi-opaque lipsticks are long-lasting and due to the narrow stick shape accurately apply. Available in 01 Ring Around the Rosy and 02 sweetheart's sweet tooth.

blush 2,99 EUR
Love at first blush. Or blush with tender, baked texture - either in intense pink or bright Apricot - ensures a summery-fresh complexion. For naturally rosy cheeks like after a day trip on the Ferris Wheel. Available in 01 Ring Around the Rosy and 02 sweetheart's sweet tooth.

shimmer pearls 3,49 Euro
Beauty Sweets! The easy-shimmering pearls give the face and décolleté a subtle glow. The various pastel colors are perfectly matched and grab all the nuances of the sweet world. Available in 01 keep sweet and sparkle on!

nail polish 1,79 Euro
Smells like candy ... four nail polishes in summer colors mint, rose, pink and apricot - all with trendy, satin finish - give the nails a trendy look. All nail polishes are different, subtle candy scents that are reminiscent of the past Fairground visit. Available in 01 you're mint-blowing, 02 be my marsh fellow !, 03 Ring Around the Rosy and 04 sweetheart's sweet tooth.

cotton candy nails 2,49 Euro
Cotton Candy Topping! The cotton candy nails - a mix of glitter and powder - can be a fluffy cotton candy effect on the nails create. Simply sprinkle the powder in nail rosé Pink or Mint on the freshly applied, still wet nail polish, let it dry - ready is the fun finish. Available in 01 and 02 candylicious sugar for my honey !.

lolly hair ties 2,49 Euro
So sweet ... With the soft, elastic hair bands, the hair can tie up before the next roller coaster ride into a braid. The hair ties in five different pastel colors are in Lolli look a real eye-catcher and a sweet gift. Available in 01 bright the ride of life.

Essence "funfair" is available from mid-June to mid-July 2015 trade.

How do you like the le?



  1. So amazing this trend edition:) kiss


    1. The colors looks playful..buh am not a makeup person..


  2. Cotton candy nails- that looks pretty awesome :) xx Maja
    - http://majasmuffin.blogspot.com/

  3. Die Le ist super süß, gerade die Lidschatten gefallen mir besonders gut!

  4. everything reminds me of cotton candy!
    I loved these products !!!

  5. The color looks so dreamy and pastel!!
    Packaging is so pretty too!!