[Preview] p2 - Beyond Lagoon - LE

Hello everybody,
There is again a colourful summer le shades shimmering with beautiful of blue and teal.  There will be the "Beyond Lagoon" LE from 01 July to 31 August 2015 at dm. 

" BEAUTY EXPEDITION INTO THE JUNGLE: with makeup highlights of the new p2 cosmetics trend promotion we dive into the fascinating world of the tropical rain forest. A green ocean of ferns, mosses, vines and orchids in combination with large palm leaves, Hibiscus flowers and bamboo plants, serve as a source of inspiration for our trip to the beauty tropical. Intensely bright Aqua nuances, such as profound turquoise, Aqua and emerald green are absolutely the trend and are, particularly on delicate tanned skin, this summer simply unbeatable!

aquatic metal nail polish
The long-lasting, fast-drying nail varnish gives an intense iridescent colour effect with a high-gloss Pearl finish. Available in four colors. The color variations are vegan 010, 020 and 030. The color variation 040 is not vegan. 11 ml cost €2.25  

sheen supreme gel eye shadow
The shiny metallic eyeshadow is with changing effect thanks to the built-in applicator easily and accurately apply. In doing so, he keeps the whole day without fading and not settles in the crease. Available in four colors. The color variations are vegan 010, 020 and 030. The color variation 040 is not vegan. 6 g cost €4.45 

sea dive mascara WP
Perfect for hot summer days! The waterproof mascara gives maximum volume, and can be worn alone or over the everyday mascara. For best color results, apply several times. Available in three colors. The product is not vegan. 12 ml costs €3.25 

deep water kajal
For a radiant look with maximum luminosity. The metallic shimmering eyeliner in 4 trendy paint colors can be applied easily and accurately -  without smear or run. The product is not vegan. 1.3 g price €2.45 

 aqua garden highlighter
For a fresh look like after a warm tropical rain. The shimmering, delicate texture gives a radiant finish and accents mysterious glow on body, Face and décolleté. The integrated mirror is the perfect companion for a trip to the beauty tropical. The product is vegan. 5.5 g cost €4.45 

styling eyebrow gel
The eyebrow gel is easy to apply with the applicator Bürstchen-and gives a smooth, natural finish the brewing. The eyebrows are perfectly shaped and fixed. Gaps are filled up visually. Available in two colors. The product is vegan. 7 ml cost €2.95 

tropical lip jelly
The nourishing lip gloss with high-gloss jelly texture smells of fresh watermelon and feels pleasant lightly on the lips. Available in two colors. The product is vegan. 4 ml cost €2.65 

glimmer to glow drops
Fascinating Shimmer-effects with every drop. Individual parts of the face can be selectively highlighting the precious highlightning drops. Available in two colors. The product is vegan. 4.5 ml cost €2.95   

fantasea purse
The trendy make-up bag in the shimmering blue metallic look is ideal to cover the p2 favorite products also on the road with you. 1 piece is €4.25 

I have to say that I love the LE, let's see maybe I buy what of it. 
And how do you find this LE?  



  1. Hello from Spain: great beauty products. I like blue color. We keep in touch

  2. Wow - die Farben sind echt außergewöhnlich! Gefaääen mir gut!
    Greets from the EDELFABRIK

  3. I love this collection kiss


  4. These products look so incredibly interesting, specially the brow gel :)
    Also, I've tagged you to do a fun summer tag, check it out here:
    Let me know when you've done it, I'd love to see your answers! x


  5. This are beautiful products..but unfortunately am not a makeup person


  6. Never heard about this brand before, but I would love to try :)


  7. Looks like this brand is a really good one. I would love to try it<3
    anyway, I followed your blog. mind to follow my blog back? :D


  8. Nice post, dear! I love that aquatic metal nail polish! Thanks for your comment on my blog!


  9. Oh very cute collection


  10. How I love tropical shades! Great post :) Have a lovely day!