Limited Edition „Sense of Simplicity” by CATRICE

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for you I have a sneak preview of a new limited edition of Catrice.
have fun here! =D 

Simplify your life. Minimalist design with maximum opportunities. The look of the 90s is back and conquered the catwalks. Clean. Casual. Chic. With straight cuts and selected high-tech materials such as neoprene, the designers put a fashion flashback. Will be black and white, Messenger for understatement and luxury, with clear colors, such as bright pink and orange combined. Silver mirror-Glace look ensures the cool twist with innovative highlights. The limited edition "sense of simplicity" by CATRICE translated the look of the 1990s in the here and now. Striking minimalist beauty products with metallic and semi matte finish emphasize the fashion trend of the season from August until mid-September 2015. There is beauty in simplicity - by CATRICE.

Bouncy Eyeshadow
Explore the 90ies. An expressive eye make-up is possible with the bouncy Eyeshadows, whose slightly arched TEXTUR is particularly smooth and quite simply to dazzle on the eyelid. There's the long-lasting trend eyeshadow either in black graphite with a subtle diamond gloss and plainem silver shimmering Rosé. All colours, convince with high opacity and a metallic finish.

C01 strike a rose
C02 straight silver
C03 Linda Evan grey Lista

€3,99 *.
 Cream to Powder Blush
More pink. The pink Crèmeblush with powdery matte finish can be applied either with your fingers or a brush. The result of the delicately melting texture is a colourful kick of freshness without shimmer - for a long-lasting healthy glow.

C01 pure pink

€3,99 *.
 Transparent Mattifying Powder
Straight. Suitable for every skin type fixed this transparent powder makeup and long-lasting matte the complexion. The pressed powder provides a mirror on the inside of the packagings and thus becomes the ideal beauty helpers for on the go. For a silky finish and a smooth, flawless complexion.

Transparent Mattifying powder

€4,99 *.
Juicy Gloss
Unforgettable. The juicy gloss is the new icon under the lip products. The semi-transparent texture feels pleasantly light and turns the lips in a plain color dress, in delicate apricot-Rosé, bright pink or hot Orange and discreet wet gloss finish.

C01 strike a rose
C02 pure pink
C03 Orange obsession

€2,99 *.
Latex Lacquer
Backward future. White, mint, apricot-Orange and pink - the nail polish range presents two purists and two feminine touch of colour. A special highlight is the unique, glossy LaTeX finish. All four paints score with a broad brush that ensures a quick and easy job. The Mission of two layers is recommended. The colour is top on the nail polish CAP as gel - so the favorite color is found quickly.

C01 pure pink
C02 Orange obsession
C03 Mini m domestic Mint
C04-simply white

€2,99 *.
Mirror glaze lacquer
Mirror memory. Metallic silver with Mirror polished finish is coveted and gives the nails a clean, luxurious look of the extra class. Thanks to the broad brush painting succeed quickly and evenly. The highly opaque effect paint is individually portable and ensures individual highlights on the nails.

C01 straight silver

€2,99 *.
How do you find this LE? =D


  1. I just love Catrice. It has amazing products.


  2. I've never heard of this brand before, but I've got my eyes on the metallic silver polish and the eyeshadows! I've been looking for a nice pink eyeshadow for a while now; they're either the wrong shade of pink or not pigmented enough >.<


  3. I like Catrice, nice powder blush :)

  4. I've never heARD about this brand before, but look good products.

  5. Great outfit! Follow for follow on g+ bloglovin instagram gfc let me know and I'll follow you back!

  6. Never heard of this brand before, but catrice sounds like an interesting brand to try it out :D
    I'm really curious about the cream to powder blush and bouncy eyeshadows
    would you please make a review of it? I'll totally read it ><


  7. Can you purchase their stuff online? I've never heard of this brand lol Is that a German brand?

  8. Great products
    I love juicy gloss

    New post :

  9. I haven't tried this brand yet, but i bet they works really well, thanks for sharing <3


  10. Love it! New post on my blog <3 Follow me if you like it. http://1100days.blogspot.pt/2015/07/paisley.html

  11. amazing
    love all

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  12. I never tried Catrice Brand, but i think its amazing products
    nice review btw ^^