Hello everyone,
I was the love of Kelly from the blog Kelkelxo Nominated for Love x Hate tag. 

have fun!  =)

Here are the rules:

  •     List 10 things you LOVE
  •     List 10 things you HATE
  •     Nominate 10 other bloggers  

10 Things I Love

1. Korean

I love Korea, the country is wonderful. The Korean food and the movies and the music are just so great. 


Oh yes the sleep, I sleep totally happy and even a lot. When I could not sleep from, I'd be pissed.

3. Hair Colouring

I started only a year, so nciht very long with the hair dyeing. But since I amch the like, especially the hair tips I dye like.

4. Drawing

I love the character that is drawing everything to me. That makes me so very fun to draw.
I draw on love manga and animes.

5. Anime

Big Anime I'm a fan, I like to watch animes.
My favorite animes are Naruto, One Piece, Code Geass, and much more.

6. Photographing 

Photographing fun for me, I've done that I like the self photographing 

7. Movies

I love movies to look, I like the simple, while sitting on the sofa and eating crisps while.

8. Reading 

Reading I do totally happy, I like to read fantasy and manga.  

9. Music 

I hear so much Kpop music, most of all I hear BTS, Teen Top, Big Bang, Sistar, Got7, and much more.  

10. Korean and Japan Cosmetic 

  Cosmetic is in me a need, I need cosmetics. I prefer to use Korean and Japansche cosmetics

10 Things I Hate

1. Arrogant People

I hate arrogant people, I do not understand why some people are so aarogant.
2. Blaspheme
This is the backbiting another thing, I do not like that too. That's why I do not understand why you have to gossip about 'other people. Mostly is blasphemed over others because they are too thick or not look pretty enough or even more than any other thing, I do not understand, rather than to talk with the person and you will get to know just blasphemed the same.
I hate backbiting!

3. Disorder
I hate it when they bother me while I draw, you draw I prefer my rest so I do not make mistakes.

4. Preconceptions

Prejudice is also there one thing I do not like, how can you condemn others because of the look, I do not understand. And I do not like too.

5. Mushrooms

I do not like mushrooms, sounds weird but I do not like mushrooms.


I do not like teaching, except it would be a teamers what interests me.


I hate spiders, spider Curling very scared and that's why I do not like it 

8. Cigarettes

cigarettes I do not like too.

9. Alcohol

I drink no alcohol so I like it too.

10. Expensive Things

I hate that, you go into a store and then you can see what what pleases and what it costs a lot of money.

That was not so easy, but I got it business.  =)




  1. Hello from Spain: I really like. It is very interesting. Keep in touch.

  2. Thanks for tagging me ^^ I enjoy reading this.
    I love korean and japanese cosmetics too ^^
    I do agree with you for hating expensive things haha


  3. I love reading fantasy too and hate spiders. Such a lovely tag. Great post.


  4. Great tag! I also like reading, movies, drawing, photography. And I like mushrooms ;) xx Maja

  5. So glad you did the tag :) I enjoyed reading this and getting to know more about you. It's honestly so weird, but I agree with everything you mentioned in both lists besides the mushrooms - I love mushrooms <3

    Kelly ♡

  6. Nice to read this post.
    I love your blog, dear. Would you like to follow each other on GFC ? Let me know on my blog.
    Liza’s Corner l Instagram l Bloglovin

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  8. Great post! now i follow you on gfc, instagram and bloglovin i hope you follow me too! kiss! 👄💛