p2 - "Brave and Beautyful" - Limited Edition

Hi everybody!
Today, I can show you the preview for the upcoming P2 LE "Brave and Beautiful".  =D

"The absolute pole position on the international runways currently occupies the rustic folk style - for wild, fearless women who love to travel the world and to be inspired when they look from different cultures: from Paisley, tribal and Aztec patterns to ethno prints, elaborate embroidery, tweed fabrics and leather - this season it may go quietly robust!
The make-up to look: a fresh, perfectly contoured complexion, Smokey Eyes-and conspicuously staged lips in Nude-, red, brown or berry shades ".


rustic folk nail polish

The long-lasting, quick-drying nail polish gives intense color and a high gloss finish. Available in 4 shades.
The product is vegan.
10 ml costs 2,25 €

tribal art graffiti top coat

The fast-drying paint effect conjures up a great, creative nail designs in "Crackling-optics" on the nails. Simply apply a colored nail polish and watch as the paint "breaks". Available in 2 shades.
The product is vegan.
10 ml costs 2,25 €

northern senses lip cream

4 colors, united in a single product: Creamy consistency, intense color finish and comfortable life are combined perfectly in the lip cream. The lips remain soft and supple, without sticking. Apply Ideally with a suitable lip brush. Available in 2 shades.
The product is not vegan.
4 g costs 3,95 €

volume-up honey lip balm

The nourishing and moisture
preserving volume Balm gives fuller and softer lips in seconds. With vitamin E and honey.
The product is not vegan.
2,2 ml costs 2,95 €

beauty explorer cream eye shadow

The creamy eyeshadow guarantees an intense finish and provides a versatile and expressive eye makeup. The 6 autumnal shades can thereby combine ideal. Professional tip: In order to prolong the durability of eye shadow is best before the eyes p2 perfect base Apply.
The product is not vegan.
3,5 g costs 2,95 €

adventurous journey kajal

For adventure that will last much longer than a moment: The delicate shimmering eyeliner with chrome effect in 3 bright colors can be very precisely applied and gives the look mysterious depth.
The product is not vegan.
1,1 g costs 2,25 €

all-purpose daily defense DD cream

Never without ... The lightweight cream blends smoothly with the skin and gives it an even, opaque finish. Your delicate texture adapts visually complement the skin tone and leaves the complexion fresh and radiant look. Slight irregularities are additionally optically laminated and matted shiny skin reliably. Available in 2 shades.
The product is not vegan.
30 ml costs 4,45 €

autumn glow highlighter
For a radiant fresh glow like after a Herbstspaziergang: The delicate cream texture conjures up a subtle color shimmer to the skin and gives it a brilliant rays. The highlighter can be applied alone or over make-up and can be blinded optimal. For great highlights on the body, face and décolleté. Available in 2 shades.
The product is not vegan
5 g costs 3,75 €

eurasian spirit cream blush

The creamy delicate rouge gives the skin a particularly fresh, natural complexion and provides for optically discreet modeled facial contours. The creamy texture can be combined with a suitable brush or the
Playing easy to apply fingers and blinded. Available in 2 shades.
The product is not vegan.
5 g costs 3,45 €

eyebrow express pen

The long-lasting eyebrow pencil in 2 natural colors ensures precise emphasizing the eyebrows and bring them in no time in perfect shape. Permanently available in a total of 3 nuances in current P2 product range.
The product is not vegan.
1,4 g costs 1,95 €
my opinion:
A beautiful theme. A few items I find quite interesting. ^^
how do you like the le?  ^^
Greetings from Sümi [ from Hey Kasumi Blog ]