Catrice - Treasure Trove - LE [Preview]

Showpieces. Opulent jewelery, stunning sequin embroidery and iridescent Lurexstoffe crown the upcoming winter holidays. The new designer collections are glamorous and lavishly decorated, with elaborately decorated dresses. Matching styling counterpart for the unique fashion highlights is a festive, feminine makeup. The Limited Edition "Treasure Trove" by CATRICE presented by mid-November 2015 to early January 2016, the most important for beauty products. Matt or shining and elegant champagne gold, warm brown and beige tones and contrasting apricot or red - as we encounter the limited must-haves. Celebrate Good Times - by CATRICE.

 Eyeshadow palette J

ewel Case. Eight highly pigmented powder eyeshadow are the treasures of this range. The silky, smooth textures with matt or shimmery finish are easy to apply and are ideally suited for fine shades. The colors are precisely coordinated and offer with delicate champagne, warm brown tones and deep black a wide range for an expressive eye make-up.

C01 Blaze Of Glory

ca. 7,99 € *

 Liquid Liner

New Years Eyes. With the gold-colored Liquid Liner, a dip eyeliner with brush applicator, the eye makeup gets a festive setting. Thanks to the fine brush hair succeed eyelines particularly precise. The liquid, gold metallic texture is long lasting and an eye-catcher for special occasions.

C01 Golden Grace

ca. 2,99 € *

 Powder Blush

La belle de nuit. This Rouge with golden glow brings the complexion glow. When applied to the highest point of the cheekbone, it emphasized and contoured face. The delicate texture combines a warm Rosenholzton with highlights in champagne. The unique Star relief makes the Rouge a must-have of the season.

C01 Caviar And Champagne

approx € 4.49 *

 Golden Powder

Golden Sparkle. A slight shimmer in a subtle champagne tone is solemn highlights on the face and neck. The pressed powder with pretty stars embossing can be applied with a powder brush and suitable for targeted highlights.

C01 Golden Grace

approx € 4.49 *

Precious Lip Colour

Lips to Love. Three limited colors and a unique packaging make the Precious Lip Colour product to fall in love. The three lipsticks in soft Nude, fresh apricot and elegant red give intense color and convince with a pleasantly light texture. A discreet gloss on the lips is the perfect finish to look.

  C01 Jewel Daze
  C02 Caviar And Champagne
  C03 Treasured Twinkles

ca. € 3,99 *

 Nail Lacquer

Joy to the World. A festive look for the nails, the four Nail Lacquer in the colors of the Edition: Nude with gold effect, bright apricot, coral and dark. All limited coatings feature a glamorous pearl effect and uniquely packaged with golden bottle head.

     C01 Jewel Daze
     C02 Golden Grace
     C03 Caviar And Champagne
     C04 Treasured Twinkles

approx € 2.99



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