[Preview] Catrice - Alluring-Reds - LE

Noir, Merlot, vermilion, crimson or ruby. The color red has many facets, can toward yellow or blue tend and act both hot and cool. Red is a Couleur, which is particularly noticeable and therefore considered as a warning signal. At the same time the complementary color of cyan has always stood for life, passion and great emotion. The special significance of a rare red colorant also brought a direct link to beauty and attractiveness. Who has the Autumn / Winter collections in views, sees red. Not out of disbelief, but because red is omnipresent. Issued or figure-hugging dresses and skirts and accessories, but also lips and nails - the color red is their common denominator. Therefore, the limited edition "Alluring Reds" by CATRICE presented in November 2015 a comprehensive range of unique reds for lips and nails. Four different products that are perfectly matched to provide professional care and color. Simply Red - by CATRICE.

Lip Colour & Care

Ready for Red. The lip balm with shiny finish and lighter color output maintains the delicate lip area soft and supple. Worn solo he creates a natural look. As a basis of Lip Colour & Care primed so that the subsequent color result is particularly even and flawless.

     C01 Smooth Operator

Liquid Lipstick

Red is the New Black. Three Liquid Lipsticks in different shades of red offer creamy, highly pigmented lip color and intense lip gloss shine. The combination of gloss and lipstick is also in the Packaging an eye-catcher - the high-quality packaging with Glos accordingly integrated applicator creates the visual illusion of a lipstick. Sensual and modern!

     C01 Moulin Rouge's
     C02 Brigitte Bordeaux
     C03 Marilyn Monrouge

Matt Lip Colour

Red Passion. Intense colors and a trendy matt finish. The highly pigmented, long-lasting texture convinces with a high opacity for nice neat lips. The elegant Stylo pen fits comfortably in your hand and fits perfectly to the feminine glamor look.

     C01 M-attraction
     C02 M-Attitude Strikung 
     C03 M-Attempt to Conquest

Nail Glaze