[Recipe] Chocolate Cake


4 Eggs
2 glasses of Sugar
1 glass of Milk
1 glass of Oil
1 Pack of Vanilla Sugar
5 spoon Chocolate Powder
1 Pack of Baking Powder
2 glasses of Flour

 First you need a cup and your meal, now you have the cup with flour fill twice.

Then you fill the cup with sugar and 2 times.

and then comes 1 glass of milk daily


Connect give you added 1 cup oil

and 4 then come in eggs. / White and yolk come together purely

and then comes a pack of vanilla sugar purely

and then comes a pack of baking powder 


then come 5 tablespoons chocolate powder / you can also enter more or less spoon with chocolate powder 

and now comes the stirring 

and do not forget to turn on the oven, step in. 3


 then the cake mold is rubbed with butter

after the butter we flour distributed in the form of / so that the cake is not as strong in front sticks to the

and now we added the dough into the mold

and goes into the oven, for 45 - 50 minute


I hope you liked it, and we see us next time.  ^^



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