[Review] ebelin - Brush Cleaner

The ebelin brush cleaner is a liquid aerosol, which is ideal for cleaning powder, rouge and eye shadow brush is suitable without additional wash. The cleaner is in a white outer packaging has been designed in accordance with different brush designs. In the handy plastic bottle is a purple liquid, which was provided with a hygienic spray head. The smell from the cleaner is a little getting used to, but he's not too uncomfortable. Because he smells powdery floral & a very clear of alcohol.

This product is vegan
Price: 100 ml | € 3.95

The application:
Since it is a brush cleaner with a spray system, the application is very easy. Spraying the brush bristles generous, and waits for 1-2 minutes so that the bristles the cleaners have completely absorbed. Then you stroll the brush on a stimulus festivals cloth to remove the cosmetics residues. I recommend this paper towel or toilet paper well structured. Are the brush braced clean, air dry quickly and are after a short time ready for use again. The powdery-floral fragrance from the brush cleaner remains in the bristles, which does not bother me. I see it as a pleasant side effect.

And I think it works quite well.

My conclusion:
The ebelin Brush Cleaner is a fast variant of the brush cleaning, which can be used to go back &. Especially for eye shadow brush I find the cleaner very convenient as it cleans quickly and effectively. But after a few spray cleaners should treat yourself to a thorough wash, since such a cleaner is really only useful for in between to clean some brushes after an application quickly the brushes. I also the slight greasy film noticed that manifested itself at my large powder brush. The bristles were no longer so easy fluffy brush like his other siblings, Rouge & Eye Shadow Brush. Nevertheless, the hair stays nice and soft! It is a pity that the ebelin brush cleaner empties rather quickly after a few brush is. Trotzalldem I'm excited about this drug brush cleaner because it cleans quickly and effectively.
I can only recommend.



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