[Review] Black Butler - the movie

The year 2020: The world is divided into East and West and will be conducted by the Queen in the West. This will overcome the division and has for this purpose a lot of spies in the East, their so-called watchdogs. Genpo Shiori is one of these. The tomboyish girl gives for many years as a man and runs a successful toy company. Always at her side is Sebastian, her butler in black, equipped with demonic forces. Him she originally reluctant overwritten her soul so that it assumes the killers of her parents for her revenge. Of course, he accompanied them even when they should solve a case in royal order in which the victims are inexplicably found mummified. Their investigation leads to the conclusion that it does not stay with each murder, but on a massive terrorist attack to be perpetrated ...



Dior - Sauvage - Johnny Depp

Hello people welcome back, ^^
So because I am a big fan of Johnny Depp, I wanted to show you the perfume of Dior. I found the advertising clocks and wanted to show you.
But the perfume has been around for 1 year, since I'm late, but I wanted to show it to you anyway times. =D hahaha 


Sterling Silver Cutout Cat Pendant

Hello ^^
I'm now a sweet necklace in cat form found, and I want to show you.


[Review] Dior Diorskin Nude Foundation

Hello sweeties, ^^ 

I've been given a few weeks ago, the Foundation of Dior.
Unfortunately, my color is too dark, but I did it anyway times tested.

 Have fun  ^^ 


Floral High-Top Platform Sneakers

Today I for you quite great flowers Sneakers
I find it really great. =)
And of because I wanted to show you. =)



Hi, I now have for you a small set of 3CE, this set costs $ 215.00 USD which is very expensive but you all there.

Nevertheless, I want to show you. ^^


Dowisi - Halter Floral Sundress

Floaty maxi dress features a halter neckline made with gold-tone cord. Thread the cord through and adjust easily to fit. High-waist style flatters most figures. Knee-length underlining.


Low Heel Gladiator Sandals

Synthetic Leather
225mm - 250mm
240mm Standard (Size 38) / Heel Height 2cm / Platform Height 1cm / Foot Width 13cm
Instep Width 20cm / Counter Height 16cm / Total Length (From the heel end to the middle toe end) 24.5cm 


Red nails with glitter stone

I for you something nice
I hope you enjoy it  =)


Red Velvet - The Saem

Red Velvet were models for cosmetics brand The Saem.
The Saem released two lines of lipsticks under the name of "Kissaholic."


[One Piece] Ace x Garp x Luffy - Drawing

Hello people I have today a small video made.
I of One piece Ace x Luffy Garp and drawn
I hope you enjoy it. =)


Kiko - The Artist - Limited Edition

An explosion of colour. Lines and contrasts. The bright hues are like a breath of fresh air.

Make-up becomes art, and voilà: a cheerful colour palette captures a bubbly, lively femininity in all its splendor. This is the muse of The Artist, the new KIKO MILANO collection inspired by the world of art.

Make-up takes to the stage, providing the right tools for promoting creativity and tapping into talents. And if it is true that art knows no limits, then a revitalizing serum, foundation and powder are essential for preparing a radiant canvas on which endless beautiful looks will be painted. The face’s proportions are in harmony, thanks to the highlighting twist-up pen. The eye pencil’s bold line, the eyeliner’s adjustable stroke and the eyeshadow’s bright colour transform your eyes into dramatic masterpieces. The lips are full and shiny.

A versatile make-up pochette with dual use and three professional make-up brushes for applying the various products complete the limited-edition collection. The packaging reflects the style of “The Artist” collection with colourful paint splashes and high-relief brush strokes.

Don’t just observe, but dare to experiment. With "The Artist," it’s time to express your beauty with make-up becoming a picture that says a thousand words.


Benefit - Cutie Cravings Set - Review

Hello people, today I have for you a new Review, I hofe it gfällt you and I wish you much fun.


The Face Shop - Petite Cheek Stick - Review

Today I have a review about the Petite Cheek Stick of The Face Shop

have fun ^^


Make Up Brush Storage - Idea

Today I have a little idea for you how you get your makeup brushes can keep.

have fun ^^


EXO - Xiumin on Nov. - Fashion

In November 2015 EXO Member Xiumin was spotted at the Incheon International Airport from fans. As usual, he was comfortable in a casual ensemble, nevertheless appeared well coordinated and opulently dressed.


Chi - Straightener [Review]

Today I for you a little review about the Chi Hair Straightener


Nivea - Gentle Eye Makeup Remover [Review]

I have tested the gentle eye makeup remover Nivea. For 125 ml, the produckt has € 3.25 € 

The packaging is plain and fits comfortably in your hand. The shutter can be easily opened and closed and the product can be metered well

It is a remover for water soluble makeup.