Chi - Straightener [Review]

Today I for you a little review about the Chi Hair Straightener


The straighteners is dark green, the back is the logo of the brand on it, and the straightening iron has a golden brown coating 

The straightener has on the inside and out to a switch, you can not adjust the heat.

My opinion:

The straighteners I've already 2 years and I am very satisfied with it.
It fits comfortably in your hand, the result I find auhc well.

The only thing I do not like is that that no switch has straighteners with where you can adjust the heat, and what bothers me a bit that öffters go over the hair you have to make it smooth.

But that does not bother me, I'm happy with it, and it can also recommend.  =D 



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  6. Ooo I like the metallic colour but its a shame that you can't adjust the heat. I've been trying to look for a new pair of straighteners that are affordable but don't know which ones to get >.< Thanks for the review :)


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