Benefit - Cutie Cravings Set - Review

Hello people, today I have for you a new Review, I hofe it gfällt you and I wish you much fun.

The packaging is really succeeded. The actual range is stowed in a box which has the shape and the imprint of the pallet. On the back of the cardboard can be seen all the products it contains and the exact names. All pallets provide small decorated houses as

 actual range is in a metal package and is very stable. It represents a small candy shop, which fits both the name of the range as well as for Christmas! Although I must admit that the packaging is very large and not very practical, I like it tremendously well. It is - as always with Benefit - a creative and sweet packaging. And you can not get enough 

The interior of the pallet is used in order and clear! Everything has its place and is easy to reach! Here too, the candy-theme continues and has been included in the design. What I can complain about is the one that here are not the names of the colors, and that you can not "close" the eye shadow and bronzer can.The palette contains the following products:
  •     the POREfessional 7,5ml: This face primer is probably one of the absolute classics!

    4 eyeshadow per 0.8g incl applicator. 3 glittery eyeshadow and a matte. They are well pigmented (even if on the Swatch not come off so). The sparkling colors have slightly different nuances, but I unfortunately similar. I think that would benefit may vary more. On a positive note, that you can then combine all eyeshadow no problems with each other!

    They'Re Real! Mascara 3g: Another absolute classic and favorite of many women. Until now, I could never get used to this mascara, but I will give it a new chance!

    Ultra Plush Lipgloss 6,5ml: This is a creamy lip gloss, which is really pigmented super. One does not hear much of this baby and so I am even more to test it!

    . Hoola Bronzer Brush 3g including: The next classic! This product can be many no longer think away from her collection. I've never been tested him, I think € 33 so insanely much money for bronzer.

Conclusion:All in all I think it is a really successful range. You get different products / classics of Benefit and can test them in peace and think about whether you want to then invest in the expensive full-size product!The set has in my opinion a great value for money: you pay 39.99 and get products worth 63.08!What bothers me about this range that it is theoretically always empty, because if you have used up the primer, the mascara and lip gloss are the compartments provided empty. For the pallet then continues off insane amount of space, since you can not see easily the bronzer and eye shadow. I would have been happy with a solution in which you speak a little Lidschattenpalatte gets to see and would be the bronzer in the usual Pröbchen packaging! Although the range is very nice, I'd rather just use a certain point as a decorative and depotten the eye shadow and bronzer!Nevertheless, the set of me gets an absolute buy recommendation! You get so much for your money and just the eye shadow and bronzer will keep eeewig!



  1. i loove the desing so much! what a glorious set x


  2. omg this is so cute >3< love the packaging ^^


  3. Omg I do love benefit cosmetics - I have the full versions of the hoola bronzer and the porefessional primer xD Whats your favourite in this pack? You're blog is so cute- f4f?

    come visit my blog :3

    1. My Favourite is the Bronzer =D

      Oh yes thanke you =)

  4. the primer used it and I find it really good