[Review] Dior Diorskin Nude Foundation

Hello sweeties, ^^ 

I've been given a few weeks ago, the Foundation of Dior.
Unfortunately, my color is too dark, but I did it anyway times tested.

 Have fun  ^^ 

If one considers only the exterior of this Diorskin Foundation, Star is definitely the right word for it. The outer package is wrapped as in all Diorskin products in a beautiful midnight blue, while the information is kept in silver.

The Foundation itself is made of solid glass, which, transparent therefore comes down to the glossy black lid. Cap and bottle are separated here by a silver band, on which front and rear punched Diorskin. On the plastic cover the initials CD are also been impressed -
to view beautiful!

Product Information:

"This light and delicately smooth fluid is a characteristic product of the skin care line that has become a cult. The subtle velvety finish achieved exactly the right correction without the skin to conceal and natural luminosity for a refined, not shiny skin. The Foundation is available in 9 shades that adapt thanks to its professional, intensive brightness enhancing effect transparent and in semitones every skin complexion, so that the results in all lighting conditions seems more natural. The formula is enriched with care agents of natural origin, so that the skin every day more beautiful and radiant looks. "

Very good, I like the pump dispenser, which is still working properly after now more than 4 months. It comes out just a little splash of Foundation so that it can be dosed very well. For a complete makeup I need about 2-3 pumps of.

The consistency is great. Not too tight and fluid enough to the Foundation to distribute well. Plotted the face feels not to zugekleistert. You can feel the Foundation at all, as if it were a second skin. Perfect!

This Foundation is easy, very natural and for combination skin and oily skin may also geeeignet. For Dry Skin I could imagine that their properties, the me so much could have more negative effects there.

But I can come to the point only again Hollen I really like the Foundation.




  1. It seems like it's got quite good coverage but is it quite orange? I seem to have so much trouble finding the right foundation because they're either too dark or just too orange T___T



    1. I've been given this makeup.
      My friend has not exactly gewust which color suits me =D hahaha
      of because they gave me one too dark makeup. =D haha

  2. io lo adoro come fondo è tra i miei preferiti

  3. Nice post, love your blog <3
    Happy week for you

    Pls check my latest post
    Kisses, Isabelle

  4. I actually really like Dior foundations but it's really expensive! Too bad it's not your colour. I always buy the first shade from Dior hahaha


    1. I know I've got the gift Make Up, the account is the color too dark for me =D hahaha

  5. Looks great but I don´t know I still prefer the korean brands. Thank you for this great and detailed review darling


  6. As always fantastic Dior product
    Come to visit me ❤

  7. As always fantastic Dior product
    Come to visit me ❤