[Review] Black Butler - the movie

The year 2020: The world is divided into East and West and will be conducted by the Queen in the West. This will overcome the division and has for this purpose a lot of spies in the East, their so-called watchdogs. Genpo Shiori is one of these. The tomboyish girl gives for many years as a man and runs a successful toy company. Always at her side is Sebastian, her butler in black, equipped with demonic forces. Him she originally reluctant overwritten her soul so that it assumes the killers of her parents for her revenge. Of course, he accompanied them even when they should solve a case in royal order in which the victims are inexplicably found mummified. Their investigation leads to the conclusion that it does not stay with each murder, but on a massive terrorist attack to be perpetrated ...

With Black Butler one of the most successful manga seen at all the light in the film world - and in a very individual way. In highly stylized, extremely cool images that emphasize the futurism of history, move the (unfortunately) invariably uncharmanten figures with which an identification is extremely difficult. No one seems to want to show emotions and so you remain long indifferent as spectators.The action and fight scenes contrast shine with a fantastic choreography, acting in their slow motion almost a little removed from the Matrix universe and wait innovatien ideas. If Sebastian initially eliminated, for example with the table knife, a whole host of opponents, which is already great to look at. Like the subsequent gun battle the maid Rin. However, action is initially few and far between. The somewhat pompous told story whose dialogues often not higher than B-movie quality takes a long time to get going. Typical stylistic Asian films (stupid-silly and submissive Sidekicks) was of course not omitted here, and so you really have a bit of a fan of Japanese cinema have to appreciate that. Visually you can Black Butler, however, hardly be blamed. Its futuristic design buildings look gorgeous from the various stylistic devices of the camera (strong Wide, frequent change of perspectives) are fun and always works the mouth in astonishment. Whether that's enough, everyone must decide for themselves.
In the bonus material of Black Butler found, surprisingly at suppliers Tiberius film, a making-of. This turns out to be true rather than behind the scenes with subsequent interviews, but gives a little insight into the Asian mega production.

Sebastian is always at Shioris page
The Butler likes classic: With the silverware against 20 thugs

Shiori wants to enlighten a dark family secret

I found the movie very well and can recommend it for all who love the Black Butler. =) 




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